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Carbon Neutrality & Sustainability

We're big on sustainability

Here at Loxley, we pride ourselves on our sustainable vision when it comes to eyewear. Lately, we’ve been stacking up regional and national achievements in this area, and we would love to share our progress with you. If you are looking for an opticians who is conscious about the environment and have the accolades to show it, we’re here for you.

Nottingham's first carbon neutral opticians

As the title suggests, we are very proud to be Nottingham’s first carbon neutral opticians.

This means that for all the carbon that is produced from our store (such as production or transport), we offset that same amount of carbon from the environment.

Due to this we get the title of carbon neutral, which we’re sure the environment appreciates!

The UKs first plastic neutral opticians

Now this is a big one! We are the UKs first certified plastic neutral opticians. And we are incredibly proud of that.

Just like being carbon neutral, plastic neutral refers to us either recovering or recycling the same amount of plastic that we use on a day-to-day basis.

This is a massive feat to complete, and we are ecstatic that we’re the very first to be successful at this certification.

Our sustainable brands

We also stock some incredible carbon neutral and highly sustainable brands.

One of these brands is Einstoffen, a Swiss eyewear company. Einstoffen are also carbon neutral and create daring frames from a range of organic and natural materials.

In store, we have Einstoffen frames masterfully crafted from wood and slate. These frames align with our vision and help to make yours clearer!

To view a range of our glasses, click below.

Recycling points for glasses and contact lenses

In store, we have two recycling points; one for glasses and one for contact lenses.

Instead of simply throwing away your old glasses or used contact lenses, these recycling points allow you to dispose of them in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Our recycling points have been a big hit and we invite you to drop any old frames or lenses off next time you’re in the city!

Interested in trying contact lenses? Click below to find out more.

Don't throw them away! Reglaze or repair.

Now although we have our recycling point for your old and broken glasses, if your glasses have some life left in them, why throw them away?

Be kind to your pockets and the environment and get your frames repaired. We are happy to repair in store and can send them away to our trusted lab for the more precarious breaks.

If your prescription has changed as well, we can change (reglaze) your lenses. This lets you keep your beloved frame whilst giving you the much clearer vision you deserve.

To book an appointment for your next eye test or to get brand new lenses popped into your old frames, click below!

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