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Sunglasses & UV protection: know your types!

Here comes the sun!

We all love a bit of sunshine! Not only does it let us swap our winter coats for shorts and sandals, it provides us with the oh so important vitamin D. Sunnier days also mean its time for sunglasses to make their way back onto the scene.

The type of sunglasses/UV protection you’re looking for will massively depend on your lifestyle and preferences! Unsure what’s right for you? then read on…

Tinted lenses

Tints merely reduce the amount of light entering the eye, essentially acting as a dimmer. 

These lenses have a pigmented dye in them, available in a variety of colours, gradients and densities- the most common being brown or grey. 

Polarised lenses

Polarised lenses have a special filter that only allows vertical light through the lens, which ultimately works to block the horizontal reflection (glare).

They don’t just reduce glare, they eliminate it completely. All while giving you full UV protection that doesn’t compromise clarity or colour perception!

Transition lenses

Transition lenses (or photochromic lenses) darken when exposed to sunlight and lighten when in softer artificial light. They’ve been around for over a decade and offer the convenience of having both sunglasses and prescription glasses in one pair!

Clear lenses and UV protection

Do not be fooled by the lack of tint on these lenses. You are still able to protect against the harms of UV even with clear lenses.

At Loxley our premium lenses come with a clear UV filter! So if you’re looking to protect your eyes without the tint, polarisation or transition then look no further.

Contact Lense and UV protection

If glasses aren’t for you but you still want full UV protection with optimal vision, we have you covered.

At Loxley we can provide you with contact lenses that have the technology to do just that!

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