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Tinted Lenses: Everything you need to know!

What are tinted lenses?

Most sunglasses are tinted, it’s one of oldest ways to reduce glare from the sun- the Romans fashioned sunglasses from emerald! 

Tints merely reduce the amount of light entering the eye, essentially acting as a dimmer. These lenses have a pigmented dye in them, available in a variety of colours- the most common being brown or gray. 

Brown offers a warmer hue, which can distort certain colours. Grey is more neutral and natural to look through, resulting in a more true appearance of color.

Different coloured tints, so different UV protection?

It’s important to note that colour is personal preference and doesn’t have an effect on how much protection you’re getting. So go wild and explore your colourful side!

Tinted lenses do not automatically equal UV protection. So watch out! Since tints without UV protection are actually more damaging as they cause the pupil to dilate, allowing more UV to enter the eye.

Just make sure you always look for a CE, UV 400 or British Standard Mark. This ensures your sunglasses provide adequate UV protection.

The Loxley promise

We ensure your peace of mind at Loxley. Our tinted lenses provide 100% UV protection, as standard.

We ALWAYS prioritise your eye health while helping you look and feel amazing!


The breakdown: Pros

Still conflicted about wether to go for a tint? lets break it down:

  • They’re available in a wide range of colours.
  • These colours come in varied densities and gradations 
  • Whether you want a more bold, colorful or neutral look — you can find tinted lenses that are most suitable for you and your unique style. 
  • They can offer full UV protection
  • They’re cheaper than polarised lenses.

So whats the down side?


  • They can often distort colour perception.
  • No glare protection: Tinted lenses do not protect you from the glare/horizontal reflection. Regardless of what colour or density you choose, they will only protect you from UV rays.

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