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The Loxley style handbook: Intention and personal style!

What do you want your glasses to say?

Are you aiming for a professional, smart, distinguished look? Perhaps more of a quirky, edgy or laid back one? Or maybe a combination of the above!

Just like all of us, the options are completely diverse and contain endless styling combinations.

We can help

At Loxley, we ensure intention is never an afterthought. Certain frames project a certain image.

For example, you wouldn’t exactly be achieving a smart, distinguished or low key look in an oversized sparkly cat eye frame! (but you would look fab!?)

We are your guide

If you know the image you want to project but are unsure how to communicate it through your frame choice, just ask us!

We’re always here to provide honest advice and educated suggestions.

Personal style!

Intention always goes hand in hand with personal style!

Your fashion sense is a part of who you are and how you choose to express yourself to the outside world.

Maybe you’re mad about minimalism, crazy for colour or rave about retro– whatever style you love, glasses can be a big part of it!

Consider this when picking a frame, if the rest of your wardrobe isn’t boring then why should your glasses be?


Anyway, heres the bottom line(s):

Our goal by providing you with this style handbook is just to share the helpful tips, tricks and guidelines that we know work!

If you chose to take these tips into account is completely up to you of course!

BUT we do guarantee, when considered, they will often enhance your look in a stylish and effortless way through highlighting your very best features.


Above all else, you need to go with glasses that scream (or whisper for the more demure) you!

If you want to break the rules then go for it. If you’re confident, happy and comfortable in a frame, then you’ve accomplished finding your perfect pair of glasses!

We’re merchants of confidence after all, so that will always be our number one priority.

Here at Loxley we take eye care seriously. We are committed to providing you with the highest standard of care, in an open and relaxed environment.

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