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The Loxley style handbook: Skin, Hair and eye colour

Tips and tricks incoming...

Now it’s time to look further into what makes you unique, since we’re aware there’s more to your lovely self than face shape. When picking glasses it’s important to also consider skin tone, hair colour and eye colour.

Fair and light

Those with fair complexions and light hair are often well suited to frames that don’t vastly contrast this, such as translucent acetate or thin metal frames.

Since any frame is going to stand out against lighter tones, a softer look created through frame choice will result in a less harsh appearance overall.


…if you wish for your glasses to be a statement piece and jump out, that’s okay! go bold, colourful or chunky! Just bear in mind that this works best when choosing a frame that compliments your face shape.

Darker skin tones

Darker complexions often have much more leeway when it comes to colour and weight of frames. There’s no need to shy away from darker, chunky, or colourful frames since they appear softer and stand out to a lesser degree against your skin.

Tortoise shell, Black or block coloured acetate frames are fun to play around with! Always keep in mind however, that bolder choices work best when they feel as if they fit your personal aesthetic.

In other words, if you feel comfortable, natural and confident in a stand out pair of specs then go for it!


…if you have a darker skin tone but want your glasses to blend in to create a barely there look, theres plenty of options for you too!

Try out thinner, lighter or transparent frames. Although this may provide a less stand out appearance, an equally stunning look can be created through subtlety.

Blue, green or grey eyes?

Eye colour is another important aspect to consider since you are in fact framing your eyes! They are the focus point.

Blue, green or grey eyes are beautifully highlighted by blue, green or translucent frames tinted with cold colours. It makes them pop!

Brown, hazel or darker eyes?

Deep brown or hazel eyes look stunning when frames by similar colours- tortoise shell, brown or golden hues result in a striking gaze.

A quick reminder-

These are just helpful hints however so feel free to rebel against them!

Just remember when doing so, the ‘One rule broken another rule followed’ philosophy is good to keep in mind. If you break a ‘colour rule’ consider taking face shape guidelines into account.

Now thats covered, I know you’re yearning for even more styling tips! Well don’t worry, they’re coming your way… so get ready to become a eyewear expert!

The Loxley style guide continues:

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